What Will Be Destoyed – Part 2

I took a trip up to Killpecker Rd. yesterday and thought I would share what I found.  I was only able to make it to the first gate, which was closed.

The Larimer County Undersheriff has stated that the Forest Service was clear cutting both sides of Killpecker Rd. due to the beetle kill.

Not only does is appear that he was wrong, but it also appears that there is no need for such actions.  Maybe it was just wishful thinking on his part?

Can you imagine what this is going to look like when they clear cut it for the power lines?

Now picture what it will look like with power poles lining the road.  So much for the retention of scenic qualities!

As I mentioned previously, Larimer County seems unable to maintain roads without bulldozing down trees for no reason.

These were two of multiple areas along Killpecker where trees were pushed into existing tree lines for no reason.

The road width in these areas is more than adequate for the passage of 2 vehicles.

Can you imagine what the damage is going to be when they start maintaining this road on a regular basis?

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2 Responses to What Will Be Destoyed – Part 2

  1. smallhandwriting says:

    This article is very impactful and has potential to stir up a bit of action which is excellent. One question I am left with here is this: how could someone prevent a large forest such as this from being completely cleared? Or is there nothing we can do?

  2. Northern Colorado Environmental Alliance says:

    I am glad you liked the article!! The current “management” for this area is for prescribed thinning, but not large scale logging/clearcutting. Timber sales are possible, but my understanding is that it would tuned towards thinning. With the current rate of beetle kill, I know that they are planning on at least removing part of the dead trees, but only in areas hard hit. It really comes down to the management plan for each forest and the values placed on recreation vs. industry.

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