Larimer County Commissioners Hire New Company for EIS.

On July 23rd, the Larimer County Commissioners approved an agreement with AECOM Technical Services to do the Environmental Impact Study for the Middle Bald Mountain project.  This agreement was signed on July 24th.

Following the signing of the agreement, we learned that AECOM Technical Services is moving out of Ft. Collins and on August 15th, the contract was taken over by Logan Simpson Design, Inc.  Logan Simpson will employee the same key individuals that AECOM had in their proposal to the county.

Larimer County has just spent another $259,612.50 of our tax dollars, bringing the total sum to $870,179.50.

Larimer County stated a few months ago that it was facing a $10 million dollar shortfall and that they may have to remove deputies from the Poudre Canyon and Red Feather Lakes areas.  If that is the case, they why do they continue to throw away our tax dollars on a tower that may or may not work and they we do not need?  A tower that will in fact, destroy a beautiful Alpine peak and miles of forests?  Perhaps we should also mention that they are not telling you the other costs involved. such as yearly maintenance of both the tower AND the roadways leading to the tower.  Interestingly, rumor has it that Larimer County has a new snowcat….  perhaps purchased just so they can GET to the tower in the winter?
Coming next, trouble zones – or lack of, during the High Park Fire….


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