CLEAN it up!

Happy Earth Day!

Or at least it was when I started my journey today.  Blue skies, the chirping of birds, mountains, and the bursting of wild flowers.

But then, something happened to change all that.  Something that could have easily been avoided.

These photos are from Campsite 1, along Manhatten Road.   It is quite apparent that whoever left their gift of trash had done so recently.  It is also apparent that the wildlife, including a bear, had taken advantage of the situation.

Not only have they left a mess, but they have endangered the lives of the wildlife.  Each container and bag presents a threat to small animals.  Suffocation and strangulation is common.

Many of the containers have never been opened and will draw bears to the site.  A FED bear is a DEAD bear.  A bear has a long memory and will come here again, seeking food.  While he may have found only trash this time, next time he may injure a camper seeking food again.

I am pretty sure that whoever left this mess had the ability to bring it with them when they came to camp.  Did they break their arms before they left?  WHY did they feel it was their right to leave it?  Do they expect the Forest Service to babysit them and pick it up for them?

Bottom line.  If you wish to use our public lands, please be RESPONSIBLE!  You brought it with you, and YOU are responsible for taking it back home.   RESPECT the PRIVILEGE of using these lands, and treat them well.


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